Movie Submissions

The SPFC is a work in progress and will grow with your input. Many recent films (since 2000) are not listed here, so there are plenty of movies that you can add. Start watching those flicks!

To suggest a movie for the SPFC, please complete the SPFC Movie Contribution Form. Note that in order to be listed, you will need to provide a brief description of the movie (2 - 4 sentences), identify the 3 to 5 most prominent sport psychology concepts present in the film, and provide a brief explanation of how each concept is depicted (1 sentence each). Completing the submission form should only take a few minutes. Submissions will be reviewed and posted as time permits.

If you are an instructor, another way you could contribute is by giving your students a variation of the SPFC Sample Assignment with instructions to submit the movie they watch to the site afterwards.


To help the site in other ways, please complete the SPFC Feedback Form. In addition to adding new movies, you can contribute by improving existing entries or pages, correcting broken links or typos, or pitching new ideas.