We welcome your feedback! The SPFC is a work in progress and will grow with your input. As you may have noticed, the SPFC didn't survive Y2k, as it only goes up to about the year 2000. That means we have 15 years to make up. Start watching those flicks!

To suggest a movie for the SPFC, please complete the SPFC Movie Contribution Form. Note that in order to be listed, suggested movies must have a description, themes, and examples of how the themes are shown in the movie. For an example of a complete entry, view the entry for Touching the Void.  Submissions will be reviewed and posted in a timely manner.

If you are an instructor, you could have your students contribute to the SPFC by giving them the SPFC Contribution Assignment with instructions to submit the movie they watch to the site.

To contribute in other ways, please complete the SPFC Feedback Form. In addition to adding movies, you can contribute by:
  • Improving existing entries
    • This could include writing a better description, adding more themes, removing incorrect themes, adding theme descriptions, or adding a movie trailer to the entries that do not have one.
    • Contributing to pages (Teaching, Links)
      • Send any information you think would be appropriate for one of the pages.
    • Correcting problems (typos, broken links, dead YouTube videos, etc.)
      • State what the problem is and on which page it occurs.
        • Pitching new ideas
          • If you have an idea to improve the site, send it in!
        • Giving general feedback
          • Feel free to give any thoughts or comments about the site.