Cinderella Man

Cinderella Man is about a boxer in New York City during the 1930s who must battle poverty and the loss of his career. He receives a new opportunity to prove himself in the ring and to save his family from the cruelty of the Great Depression.

Released 2005; Runtime 144 minutes


  • Anxiety & Stress: This is shown before the final fight as Braddock is afraid of dying; He also worries about providing for his family after breaking his hand.
  • Injury & Illness: An injury forces Braddock to lose his only steady source of income and must struggle with the challenges of a broken hand.
  • Economic Issues: The movie takes place during the Great Depression, when poverty was rampant.
  • Motivation (Extrinsic): During a fight, Braddock has a vision of his family starving which pushes him to gain the strength he needs to win the fight; He also takes on extra shifts at work to sustain an income.
  • Peak Performance: Towards the end of his fights, Braddock clearly gets into a zone and narrows his focus onto his opponent.