The Waterboy

The Waterboy is about the team waterboy (Bobby Boucher) who accidentally has his anger unleashed, turning him into a defensive maniac and a feared linebacker. However, if he wants to play football, he must keep it a secret from his mother who believes he is too delicate, while also overcoming academic adversity.

Released 1998; Runtime 90 minutes

  • Aggression &Violence: Aggression is displayed throughout the movie, usually unlocked by opposing team members and even his coach, which causes him to play better.
  • Confidence: Bobby was picked on by players from both teams he worked for but failed to redeem himself due to a lack of confidence; His aggressive play leads him to feel more confident.
  • Cultural Differences: Bobby's coach is invited over for dinner, and his mother says that he does not need to go to college; It is evident they have different standards and beliefs towards education.
  • Imagery: In several instances Bobby uses images from his past to make him feel aggressive, such as when he replaces the heads of the offensive line and field goal kicker with Coach Klein's face.
  • Underdogs: No one expected much out of Bobby or his team.