Run, Fatboy, Run

Run, Fatboy, Run is about Dennis Doyle, who left Libby at the alter due to mounting pressures of being a husband and father. Now Libby has a new boyfriend who is everything Dennis is not. Motivated to win back Libby's respect, his goal is to run a marathon alongside the antagonist Whit.

Released 2007; Runtime 100 minutes

  • Attributions: Dennis attributes his failures to external, stable, and out-of-control variables.
  • Confidence: Dennis walks around the whole movie slumpy until the very end, while Whit is a very proud and confident person.
  • Goal Setting: Dennis sets his goal of finishing the marathon and earning back the respect of Libby and his son Jake.
  • Imagery: During the marathon, Dennis hits the "runner's wall" and envisions himself breaking through a real wall, recalling images of past moments.
  • Motivation (Extrinsic): Dennis is motivated by various other characters throughout the movie, such as making a bet with friends, being chased with a spatula, betting his rent, and wanting to earn back the respect of his former fiance.