The Rookie

The Rookie is about Jim Morris, who pitched in the minors, but after injuring his arm and having multiple surgeries, he became a science teacher and baseball coach in a Texas high school. After a bet with his team he found himself at an MLB tryout and at 35 years old attempts a childhood dream.

Released 2002; Runtime 127 minutes

  • Coaching: Jim Morris is a high school coach, so there are several examples of him coaching throughout the movie.
  • Confidence: Jim pitches batting practice to the team, and once they start hitting off him, they have the confidence to hit any pitcher they face.
  • Pursuing Your Dream: His childhood dream was to pitch in the MLB, which is the dream he is now chasing again.
  • Injury: He was drafted young, but after injuring his arm, he had to give up his pitching career and his chance at making it in the big leagues.
  • Motivation (Extrinsic): The bet between Jim and his team give the team extra motivation to win the championship, while Jim also turns to his family for motivation.