Miracle is about a coach, Herb Brooks, who embarks on a mission to assemble the perfect hockey team to beat the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympic Winter Games held in Lake Placid, New York. The team goes through some initial growing pains, but soon comes together to attempt the seemingly impossible task of beating the best hockey team in the world. Based on a true story.

Released 2004; Runtime 135 minutes

  • Commitment: Herb Brooks talks about commitment multiple times in the film, notably when he tells them they can't win on talent alone, that whoever doesn't give 100% won't make the team, and that they need to give more if they are going to beat the Soviets.
  • Inspirational Moments: Prior to the semi-final game against the USSR, Coach Brooks gives the famous "Great moments...are born from great opportunity" speech.
  • Leadership: Mike Eruzione shows his leadership when he tells Herb Brooks that he plays for the USA after they had been made to skate after an exhibition game in Europe; Coach Brooks helps his players realize that teams are most successful when they utilize both their talent and hard work.
  • Motivation (Extrinsic): Herb Brooks uses a variety of motivational tactics throughout the movie, such as telling the goaltender he is thinking of benching him, and demeaning a player to fire up the team.
  • Political Issues: Opening scenes show the Cold War problems, inflation, and around the Christmas party scene Jimmy Carter gives his famous speech discussing how there was a “question of confidence in America.”
  • Team Cohesion: Mike Eruzione and a few other players talk to Herb about bringing in an all-star college player three months before the Olympic Games and tell him that they are a “family” so Herb should send the all-star home even though he is an incredible talent; Herb also discusses how the Soviet team is so good because they have team chemistry.
  • Underdogs: Team USA are the underdogs in the Olympics because they were a bunch of college players facing professional ice hockey players.