Hoosiers is about a basketball coach in a small town in Indiana where basketball is top priority and where the community feels they are part of the coaching staff.

Released 1986; Runtime 114 minutes

  • Coaching: His style of coaching was evident in the first practice when he did not use a ball, despite the players itching to use one. Later in the movie he played a game with only four players to make his point.
  • Sports Fans: They tried to play a part in how he coached, what he should do, who he should play and even if he should be fired.
  • Underdogs: They were always outnumbered, too short, not quick enough, and did not seem to have some of the facilities other teams they played had.
  • Teamwork: The coach frequently talked about what they could accomplish if they played together and believed in each other. This was evident in the last game in the movie where he measured the court and showed that it was the same size as their home court; the size of a court never changes and if they played together as a team, anything is possible.